Hydro Massage Beds
The Hydro Massage bed is a convenient, dry, full body massage with the use of pressurized water. Simply lie down in the open design bed, fully clothed, and feel the immediate benefits of the traveling jet system, which delivers an “all sides” body massage.

Tanning packages are available to members and non members. Members receive 25% off any tanning package.

Dance Turbo Plus

  • 10 Minute Bed
  • 51 UV Lamps
  • 4 Facial Tanners w/ Ultra Performance Technology
  • Vertical Lamp Shoulder Tanner
  • Soltron Fan With Additioinal Face Ventilation

Race Turbo Plus

  • 12 Minute Bed
  • 43 UV Lamps
  • 3 Facial Tanners w/ Ultra Performance Technology
  • Vertical Lamp Shoulder Tanner
  • Soltron Fan With Additioinal Face Ventilation

Kiss Super

  • 15 Minute Bed
  • 32 UV Lamps
  • 3 Facial Tanners w/ Ultra Performance Technology
  • Soltron Fan


  • Murray Location
  • 15 Minute Bed
  • 32 UV Lamps
  • Ultra Performance Technology Facial Tanner
  • Comfort Cooling

Kids Club
We adhere to the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness, and loving care. When you trust someone else to care for and interact with your child, you want to be sure it’s the right place. You want a safe, secure, warm place where your child will learn, develop and have fun even when you’re not there. You can now focus on a guilt free workout knowing your children are in great hands.

We take pride in being a neighborhood place where parents know our staff – and each other.

In addition to providing excellent childcare, we offer a variety of games and activities to make your life easier and your child’s visit a pleasurable one.

Kids Club Hours:
Monday-Friday – 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM AND 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Saturday – 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Sunday – Closed

Personal Training
If you feel that you need, weight loss, diet advice, muscle gain, improved fitness, better motivation, a tone up of your legs, hips, bum or chest, weight loss after pregnancy, or you are just bored of you current fitness routine then training with the Mega Gym staff is for you! We have shown awesome results in the past with getting people to reach their goals, by using a progressive model of training.

A free 30 minute orientation with a Mega Gym fitness specialist.  This includes a discussion on any physical limitations and proper use of the gym equipment that we provide.

MegaFit Meals
MegaFit Meals was established to make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to allow you to maintain a healthy diet without the hassle of cooking and meal prepping at home. Allow us to do the work for you! You can choose from one of our delicious signature meals, as well as creating your own custom meals to fit your macro-nutrient goals. We prep your meals fresh daily using only the highest quality ingredients, and are never frozen!


MegaFit Performance
At MegaFit Performance, it is our goal to give you the highest quality supplements that will help you reach your specific goals without any added fillers or fluff! Our supplements are simple and everything you will need to succeed.


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